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We share how to do ergonomics in the office without the jargon.

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Is discomfort holding you back?

Grab this free download to survey staff to see if discomfort is a real issue at your workplace.

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Are you compliant?

Get the checklist and find out if your ergonomic program is compliant with Health and Safety Law.

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Can we make sitting great again?

Learn how the parts to set- up your workstation to fit you like a glove.

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Is Standing really the ‘silver bullet’ solution for ergonomics in the office?

If you’ve ever come to this blog before, you know I LOVE to write about standing desks, especially when there’ s interesting research on the topic. In this post I reviewed this recent article. Now, my preference is to use an automated sit-to-stand desk (I’m writing this post from one now!) as it gives quick […]

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