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ErgonomicsHelp is the go-to resource for all things office ergonomics on the internet. We've leveraged over 10+ years of professional ergonomic consultation combined with on-the-ground experience managing in-house ergonomic programs to give you exceptional value in the content we create. We provide you with quality and relatable ergonomic information, strategies, and commentary whether you manage your company's ergonomic program or you are looking to improve the ergonomics of your personal workspace.

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Make Sitting Great Again

November 1, 2017

This post is all about sitting! For the majority of offices today sitting-only desks are still the only option despite the ultra-popularity of standing desks. This could be because of tight budgets… Or maybe there’s a fear that if one …

The Definitive Sit-Stand Plan

August 2, 2017

This article is about how to take your sit-stand desk and schedule to the next level. In fact this article would still be useful for someone with just a sitting desk who is looking to get more activity into their day. Let’s start with …

AntStand Review

November 18, 2017

Whenever I go into coffee shops I’m normally quite surprised at how many people are using their laptops. You’ll normally see these people sitting for hours at a time craning their neck forward to view the screen. Or, on occasion …

Product Reviews

May 29, 2017

As an Ergonomist, I see many products that label themselves as ergonomic. Far too often, the term is used as a marketing ploy to sell products that were designed with little or no consideration for ergonomics. One of the major theme areas covered …