How To Do Awesome Ergonomic Assessments is my proven & complete step-by-step system designed to teach you how to do high quality ergonomic assessments. No ambiguity or confusion, just a highly detailed step-by-step guide to how to do ergonomics in the office.

  • Use the same step-by-step approach used by Professional Ergonomists to do quality ergonomic assessments quickly and effectively.
  • Get you up on your feet as quickly as possible solving up to 90% of the common ergonomic problems in the office, saving you costly consulting fees.
  • Improve the set-up of workstations without the need of buying expensive pieces of equipment.

Hi, I'm Darcie!

Years of running my own in-house ergonomic programs has proven to me that with the right training, anyone can solve at least 90% of all ergonomic issues without the need of bringing in costly consultants. This means that you can make sure your entire workplace gets the ergonomics support that they need, without the fear of expensive ever-increasing consulting fees. A lot of ergonomic problems can be sorted just by adjusting what is already in that person's workstation instead of purchasing new equipment every time there is an ergonomic problem. In How To Do Awesome Ergonomics Assessments I give you all the tools (and support!) to do this yourself!

Piggy-back On My Experience! This course has bottled up everything that I learned and used through over 10+ years of consulting in ergonomics and managing ergonomics programs into a simple and straightforward approach. Add to this I'm a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, a Registered Kinesiologist and have a Master's degree in ergonomics too. Ergonomically speaking, I bring a lot to the table!

24/7 Access. Why not use all the technology we can to bring ergonomics to the people? This program does all that. With this program you have LIFETIME access to all materials and video modules. This includes updates and new modules. Want to review something from a module? No problem, just watch that module in the program again (and again...). It's that simple!! Need a new copy of a tool? Just download it!

Get The Help You Need... Even AFTER You Complete The Modules! The Private Discussion Group delivers support and accountability. It's what sets this course apart from the rest. If you have any barriers with your ergonomic assessment process - whether it be what the best mice are for a particular problem, people's top picks for a laptop stand, or whatever you can think of, you bring your biggest barriers to the private discussion group to get feedback from your peers and myself so we can sort it out together. You'll also have access to webinars and group coaching sessions that are based on any trending topics from any discussions that I see in the group!

Consultants Cost A LOT

If you use an outside ergonomic consultant that can cost anywhere between $300-$1,000 for just the assessment of one (1) workstation! Big workplace? Annual ergonomic assessments? See those costs skyrocket!!

Work Injuries Cost A LOT

There's a cost to 'not do anything' in your ergonomic program - injuries can STILL happen! Work injuries can Cost A Lot! According to the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, studies have shown that one carpal tunnel syndrome claim in an office can cost a company up to $12,000!!!