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The Complete Guide For Ergonomics Assessments For Professionals

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Learn how to do professional ergonomic assessments in the office. 

Never feel at a loss again when doing an ergonomics assessment.

We offer you a fully detailed 6-module video course that immerses you into the world of office ergonomics with the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home or office. Developed by a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist (BCPE) and based on rigorous international standards and practice with a meticulous attention to detail, resulting in the highest quality office ergonomic course. You can be rest assured that the process taught in this course is fully compliant with DSE, OSHA, and NIOSH standards too.

Adding office ergonomics assessments to your practice can enhance monthly cash flow & provide the ULTIMATE Client Experience.


This Is What Makes This Course Different:

Ergonomic Criteria. We pride ourselves on providing the correct ergonomic criteria so you can make only the required recommendations to your client. We offer you a selection based on what country you are in or what standard you choose to use.

Get to the Cause of Discomfort. Our method is based on ‘high-value/low cost’ recommendations, meaning we teach a process to get to the root of ergonomic challenges, not just dealing with your client’s symptoms.

Report Templates, Surveys. We want to make sure that you have the exact tools to do ergonomic assessments after you complete this course. So, we give you the Discomfort Survey and an Ergonomic Report Template along with how to exactly use these both.

Swipe Copy. With the purchase of this course you have access to a 30-page swipe copy, where you can easily choose ‘pre-made’ analyses and solutions to make completing office ergonomic reports feel like a breeze. To do this, we give you the most common identified work scenarios and their associated ergonomic risks and discomfort. On top of this we give you our tried-and-tested ergonomic solutions to the most common identified ergonomic risks in the office. We also provide you examples of products that meet the specifications.

Expert Review of Reports. When you are just getting started doing office ergonomic assessments sometimes you just need a ‘second set of eyes’ to review your reports to make sure you are on the right path. So, we review 2 office ergonomic reports that you complete within the first 3 months after you finish the course modules. We then offer you specific coaching to solve any challenges that you may have with the ergonomics process.

Private Facebook Community. You’ll get exclusive access to the private ergonomicsHelp facebook group.

Confirm Learning. There are 6 quizzes (1 quiz per module with approximately 15 questions/module) to be completed to ensure that you have digested the course material. To pass an 80% score is required.

Certification. After completing the course, 6 quizzes, and submitting 2 full office ergonomic reports, you are eligible for Certification. 

Here’s what people have to say about The Complete Guide For Office Ergonomic Assessments For Professionals:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Development & the common types of musculoskeletal injuries

  • Signs, symptoms & warning signs of injuries and discomfort

  • How to recognize the main & secondary ergonomic risks

  • The entire process involved with ergonomic assessments, including how to exactly use an ergonomics tool

  • How to do a root cause analysis

  • Finding suitable countermeasures to identified ergonomic risk

  • Specific equipment based on the root cause of the ergonomic challenge

  • How to ‘put it all together’ and make ergonomic adjustments based on what is in the workstation, instead of jumping to costly solutions first


  • Module 1: Introduction to ergonomics

  • Module 2: Recognizing ergonomic risk

  • Module 3: Ergonomic assessment process

  • Module 4: The ergonomic assessment tool

  • Module 5: Finding the right solution

  • Module 6: Practical approaches to common ergonomic challenges

Watch a short video overviewing what’s in the course here:



Admin bar avatar Darcie Jaremey

Through the administration of countless assessments in both private and public sectors, Darcie has gained a wealth of knowledge and built a successful practice in the field of ergonomics. She has extensive expertise in conducting office ergonomics assessments in large scale workplaces for all different types of scenarios, from simple adjustments to incredibly complex cases. Darcie also has vast experience in delivering training presentations on the various aspects of ergonomics “best practices” in the workplace. Darcie is a Certified Professional Ergonomist through the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics, as recognized by the International Ergonomics Association. She also has a Masters of Science, specializing in ergonomics. A little known fact about Darcie is that she once scored from half, off a free kick, in a university varsity soccer (football) match!
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