1. Casey Neistat #2: PRIME REAL ESTATE | ergonomicshelp.com
    March 8, 2016 @ 7:00 am

    […] For last week’s #TweetAtUsTuesday, I went BIG. This week also calls for another big post. It’s a continuation of my suggestions for Casey Neistat. In last week’s post I made several ergonomic suggestions for Casey based on where I identified risk . You can see this post here. […]


  2. The Ergonomics of Obama’s Workstation | ergonomicshelp.com
    March 15, 2016 @ 10:32 am

    […] Casey Neistat’s two ergonomic reviews: here and here […]


  3. The Ergonomics of Trump’s Workstation | ergonomicshelp.com
    March 22, 2016 @ 7:55 am

    […] Neistat’s Workstation here and […]


  4. Vadims Grebins
    April 12, 2016 @ 3:40 pm

    Was looking for some information about Casey Neistat Fan club but, this was also great reading material. Im a big fan of his work and management skills. Took this one funny video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9K9cT9keg8 I think you will like it 😀


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